Sheriff Munks and Undersheriff Bolanos Caught in FBI Raid on Sex Slavery.
They Make Reprisal on Deputy Lopez Who Tried To Remove Them.
They are unfit and cannot be trusted. They must be removed.

Bolanos said he told driver to go to massage place. Taxis take passengers where they ask to go.
Driver took to Munks and Bolanos to a whorehouse because Bolanos asked for that.
Bolanos lied to us saying he asked for massage place. Bolanos cannot be trusted.

Undersheriff Bolanos use of Investigator Known to Defraud San Mateo County Discredits Bolanos.

Why would Bolanos use a person as investigator who has been sued by San Mateo County for falsification of county records? How can such a person as Peardon even still be an employee of the Sheriff's Department? Surely Bolanos knows the record of his investigator. Could it be that he knew he could rely on Peardon to contrive false testimony against honest Deputy Lopez?

County Attorney Silberman presented false criminal charges pending trial as fact

Silberman's actions, slandered Lopez with unproven charges, with Lopez having no opportunity to question witnesses or present a defense. This violation of due process and constitutional rights is an outrage. Surely, Silberman should be discplined by the court and the California Bar,and dismissed from County service.

Pending Criminal Charges against Lopez are Phony!

Wagstaffe Falsely Charged Lopez with Election Fraud

District Attorney Wagstaffe charged Lopez with election fraud, saying he was not a resident of San Mateo County.

Lopez is a legal candidate under California Law! This charge collapses on reading California Election Law which says when a person takes a new abode, unacompanied by their family, that abode is their domicile (where one can vote and run for office. That is what Lopez did - he bought a condo in San Mateo County years ago, and moved there without his children. He spend evenings with his children at his old residence in Newark on alternate weeks when he had custody una divorce decree.) One can have many residences by only one domicile. It remains their domicile when they leave, SO LONG AS THEY INTEND TO RETURN. The law makes no limits about often or how long one is gone.

The District Attorney is incompetent and unfit for office if he thinks Deputy Lopez was not a legal candidate for sheriff. More likely, he made this false charge to run up Lopez' legal defense costs. That is fraud under color of law.

Wagstaffe Falsely Charged Lopez With Embezzling $400,000 in Campaign Funds

Excerpt from 2/20/2015 issue of Bay City News at right shows Wagstaffe's office announcement that News Lopez and his treasurer are charged with embezzling up to $400 thousand of campaign funds. This false charge was dropped when Lopez showed his campaign received not more than $400 in campaign donations and that he spent $9000 of his own funds, Bay City News removed the $400,000 figure in subsequent editions but did not explain why prosecutors gave them the $400,000 figure. It appears that abusive prosecutors make phoney charges and drop them later after defendants are financially ruined with legal defense costs.

Charges against Deputy Lopez collapse on examination.

Deputy Lopez admitted sharing food with an inmate. We can be sure the other charges Deputy Juan Lopez in the 11/10/15 San Mateo County Civil Service Commission hearing and the criminal charges by Defense Attorney Wagstaffe are false. They are reprisal against him for having had the courage and integrity to run for election against Sheriff Munks who we learned is unfit for his office when he was caught by the FBI and Las Vegas Police in a raid against sex slavery.

Lopez did not have to testify but he took the stand and answered every question in the hearing, and he did admit to having giving food to jail inmates. For facts on why we know beyond a shadow of doubt that Lopez is a man of courage and integrity and that his accusers have no credibility, see my website .

Fact: When three accountants at the San Mateo County Transit Agency (SAMTRANS) protested being ordered by executives to create phoney expense and payment records, District Attorney Wagstaffe claimed he ordered a forensic investigation that showed “just honest mistakes, nothing criminal”. Wagstaffe's claim collapses in face of whistleblower testimony and documents shown on TV by the NBC Investigations Unit. For example, records shown on TV of expense for audits by VTD Auditors in 2010, 2011, 2012, & 2013 when VTD says the last audit was 2009, cannot be “honest mistakes.”

Fact: The charge that Deputy Lopez was seen naked in the court house after sex with a woman was dismissed in 2007 by Undersheriff Bolanos who said the charge was a “piece of cxxp.” Lopez had entered the court house after hours with his fiancé and took off his shirt in the men’s room to wash out a food spill on the shirt. The same video that showed the entry showed Undersheriff Bolanos enter with a different unauthorized person – Bolanos’ wife. Repeated public reference to nudity and sex that never happened is a petty and vicious slander that offends fair minded people.

Fact: Concerning charge of smuggling phones the only adverse testimony in the interview transcript was a claim that “Lopez had to have known about smuggled phones.” This comment was withdrawn in the same interview, but concealed by the investigator.

Fact: Concerning claim a photo of an inmate posing using a phone while an observer stands next to him is evidence against Deputy Lopez: Lopez did not take this photo. Technicians know how to put a photo on a cell phone with a phony time stamp. Jurors will know that a person using a contraband phone does not pose for a photo and they will know that a smuggler does not use the phone to take a photo in the jail. Polite people will try to suppress a laugh at a claim this is evidence.

Fact: Concerning announcement that Lopez was charged with smuggling drugs: Later publication noted that Lopez was not charged with smuggling drugs but failed to correct earlier misinformation.

Sheriff Munks Was Caught by the FBI in a raid on sex slavery in Las Vegas

Las Vegas TV channel 8 reported 4/23/2007 that Sheriff Munks and Undersherrif Carlos Bolanos were caught in a bordello in Las Vegas in the "Operation Dollhouse Raid" on Sex Slavery. A neighbor "Sandie" said "I believe around 12-13 girls wrapped in blankets and some guys in handcuffs came out." (More.)

Sheriff Staff Told Media Inverviewers He Made Them Ashamed

The media reported that when Sheriff Munks was caught by the FBI in a raid to stop sex slavery, sheriff deputies interviewed by the media said they were ashamed, and that it was the worst thing that could have happened to the Office of the Sheriff.   (More Scroll to #8)

Former Sheriff Don Horsley Said He Would Have Voted to Censure Munks

More  on San Mateo County Election Office website.

Sheriff Munks exploded when Mark DePaula, candidate for supervisor asked if he had been exonerated by the FBI

The sheriff wanted to throw DePaula out of the meeting. More