Healing the Conflict in the Holy Land - Why and How

The Case Against Israel - by Professor Michael Neumann

Anyone who seriously wants to understand the conflict between Israelis and Palestinians in the Holy Land must read this book by Professor Neumann, a Jewish Canadian.

Neumann explains that Zionism was an enterprise to impose Jewish soverignty over another people from the beginning. Neumann says it was illegitmate and so is the occupation after the Six Day War in 1967. Neumann says Zionism and the occupation were mortal threats to the Palestinians and they are entitled to violent resistance.

(My comments: The UN Treaty of 1945 prohibits seizure of land by conquest, and the Fourth Geneva Convention prohibits insertion of an occupier's population into occupied territory. I say attempts to give away Palestine land by Great Britain and the UN under the influence of Harry Truman are also illegitimate.)

Even though justice is on the side of the Palestinians, the interest of mankind is that Israel must gain legitimacy and live in peace and security alongside a free Palestinian state in the Holy Land. The examples of peace with Egypt and Jordan demonstrate why Israel and a Palestinian state can live side by side. Palestinians will accept a just peace but will not accept permanent subjugation.

My Comments

There is ill will between the peoples. Israelis believe the land is theirs and that Palestinians are recent Arab immigrants. It must be noted that David Ben Gurion, first Prime Minister of Israel. wrote in 1918 in Eretz Israel, In the Past and In the Present to affirm that Palestinians are largely not Arabs or recent immigrants. They are ethnic Jews, descendants of Jews who have lived in the Holy Land since the return of Jews from captivity in Babylon. The land is theirs but they are willing to share.

The conflict between Jews and Palestinians is destructive to the United States. The Pentago Defense Science Board's September, 2004, report to Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld declared that Arab resentment against the US for enabling Israel against Palestinians was a major cause of antagonism against the US. Later, General Petraeus, and most recently Secretary of Defense nominee, General James Mattis, have said that our backing of Israel is damaging for us. America has great responsibility for the suffering of the Palestinians and we have responsibility to correct this. We have a vital interest to see the Israeli-Palestinian conflict resolved peacefully.

The present Prime Minister of Israel declares there will never be a Palestinian state. This attitude will persist so long as we acquiesce to Israeli behavior. Jewish Americans are leaders in the struggle for Palestinian rights and I hear them say America must push Israel to make peace.

The most important thing America must do is to simply recognize the State of Palestine with the 1967 borders. In addition the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) movement is having great success in America and around the world to put the kind of economic pressure on Israel that led to the end of Apartheid in South Africa.

When America recognizes Free Palestine, Israel will realize that it must abandon its oppressive occupation and its attempts to drive the Palestinians out of their land. When Israel cannot dictate terms, agreement that is just for both sides will be possible.

When Israel makes a just peace with Palestine, Israel will gain legitimacy. Antagonism around the world against Israel and America will be greatly dissolved. Israel can never gain legitimacy, peace, and security by force of arms.

Presently there are anxious attempts by Israel supporters in several states to outlaw BDS in the US. No senator or representative who votes for this outrageous and un-Constitutional violation of the rights to free speech and assembly should be retained in office. Anyone is a fraud who says we people who demand that Israel cease oppression of Palestinians and make a just peace are anti-semites. I rebuke those who cry anti-semitism when we stand for Palestinian rights. I say their accusation is in error and their attempts to silence us are crimes against justice and the good of this nation, and against the good of Israel as well.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was recorded in an Israeli home boasting (Click to watch. Be sure to select "closed captions" so you can read the English translation of the conversation.) he had scuttled the Oslo agreements with Arafat and that he does not worry about objections from America because "The United States is an easy thing to move." I say it is time that we put an end to elected officials letting Israel pull us around like a cow with a ring in its nose.