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Welcome to my web site. My web site name "Act For Us" is an admonition to people we elect who fail to act on our behalf. I hope you will click and read and give serious thought to each of the topics in the menu bar. There are many bad things taking place in our nation. I believe these topics are of importance for all of us to examine.

Corruption In San Mateo County, California.

The corrupt former Sheriff Greg Munks and his corrupt district attorney pal, Stephen Wagstaffe are trying to put my dear friends, honest Deputy Sheriff Juan Lopez and his campaign treasurer, Evelyn, in prison on phoney charges. This is an outrageous reprisal for his having run for election to replace the corrupt sheriff who was caught an FBI raid on a sex slavery operation in Las Vegas.

American Provocative Behavior Risks Major War.

This item describes what we do that risks war, and identifies the sponsors and agents of our provocative behavior and the destructive consequences of our behavior. I volunteered and served on the ground in Vietnam but it was many years before I recognized we should never have gone to Vietnam. We show by military intervention in other nations today we have not learned our lesson. We are not making America more safe by bombing other people.

I grieve for my friends whose names are on the Vietnam Memorial Wall - They died for no good reason. Support the troops? Yes - don't send them to bleed and die for no good reason. When I hear someone call those who criticize our national behavior "America Haters" it makes me angry. I hate for our nation to do wrong.

World Trade Center 9/11 was an inside job.

Architects and engineers show how the World Trade Center Towers were destroyed by controlled demolition and not by the crash of jet planes as claimed by the 9/11 Commission Report. The official explanation does not stand up to exampination. Anyone who will dismiss the evidence shown by Architects and Engineers For 9/11 Truth without studying their examination is not thinking clearly.

Healing the Holy Land Conflict

The good of mankind demands that the conflict between Israelis and Palestinians must be ended with Palestinians freed from oppression and subjugation to living in the Holy Land in a free nation and the nation of Israel living in security and peace alongside of them. David Ben Gurion, first prime minister of Israel, wrote in his 1918 book Eretz Israel, In the Past and in the Present, admitting that Palestinians are ethnic Jews whose ancestors who never left the Holy Land since the return of Jews from captivity in Babylon. So,the Palestinians are not Arabs,and not recent immigrants! When Israel abandons aspirations for more conquest and makes a just peace with Palestinians, it will hugely dissipate anger against Israel and America around the world. The present attempts to outlaw criticism of Israel are unconstitutional. Free speech cannot be restricted in America.

Social Justice In America

Yes, Black lives do matter! I read a complaint by someone who wrote "White Lives matter, too!" Sure, white lives matter but I don't see white people being shot in the back like the policeman Michael Slager shot and killed the African American Walter Scott as Scott was running away after being stopped for an expired license. And I don't see blacks sitting with whites in a prayer meeting for an hour and then killing nine people at church like Dylann Roof killed nine African Americans in Charleston, S.C. I don't know how to fix prejudiced hearts but we must remember Jesus commands us to love our neighbor. America must be a place where we care about others.

Economic Justice at Home

Stay tuned for coming attractions.

Economic Justice Abroad

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Epidemic of Misconduct by Legal System Officials

Here are two examples of legal system official misconduct:
(1) The Februay 1st, 2015 issue of the Los Angeles Times carries an article titled "U.S. Judges See Epidemic of Misconduct by Prosecutorial Officials in State" with a picture of then-California Attorney General Kamala Harris.
(2) The driver licens of San Mateo County Deputy Sheriff Juan Lopez living in Redwood City near San Francisco, was taken by a District Attorney investigator who informed him his license was suspended for failure to appear on a traffic ticket in Los Angeles. Then Lopez and his attorney went to Court Los Angeles where they found the LA Court had nothing against Deputy Lopez. His license was reinstated and he received a copy of the original traffic ticket which showed a different driver license name and number, and a residence in Torrance, near Los Angeles. This is an obvious case of government computer systems being hacked. But,the California Attorney General's office refused to investigate. This attorney general has just been elected in California to the U.S.Senate.

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