Epidemic of Legal System Officials' Misconduct

Date Source Title or Topic
4/24/2015 Cal Atty General Letter Cal AG Refuses to Investigate Obvious Hacking Court/Dept of Motor Vehicles' Computers
9/1/2014 Not Deputy's ticket Obviously False Government Computer Records
4/24/2015 San Jose Mercury San Mateo County Bailiff on leave after report he pulled gun in court
Michael Stogner's comments removed from the Alamanc
4/24/2015 Public Slate Family Court Corruption: FBI a No-Show
2/1/2015 LA Times U.S. Judges See 'epidemic' of prosecutorial misconduct in state
1/4/2015 NY Times Rampant prosecutorial misconduct - Editorial Board
7/7/2009 US Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals Michael Stogner shows Board of Supervisors congratulating District Attorney Wagstaffe on the case the Court reversed because of Wagstaffe misconduct.
7/7/2009 US Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals Text of Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals reversing Wagstaffe case because of prosecutor misconduct
7/7/2009 Legal Pad Web Commentary from court observer titled "Ninth Circuit Dings Wagstaffe"