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Hate Mail to Mulsims 10/26/16

Hate mail letters such as the one at the right were sent to Muslim houses of prayer in Los Angeles and in San Jose on 10/26/2016. Every American should understand such an act must not be tolerated in America. This nation has an ugly history of racial and other kinds of prejudice, and we hoped such attitudes were dying out.

As a Christian, I am commanded by Jesus Christ to love my neighbor, and this includes Muslims and everyone on this planet. To love my fellows means I must care deeply about them, to want them and their families to have a safe and comfortable life, and opportunities to develop their minds and character and to be free from discrimination and every other kind of harm. It means I must act to protect them from injustice with all my strength. And I do these things gladly.

I appeal to every person of good will to engage with your associates to widely publish a statement denouncing such hateful acts as these letters to the Muslims. We must create an atmosphere in this nation that causes hateful people to restrain themselves from hateful acts and be ashamed of themselves and clean their hearts, or at least try to dismiss hateful attitudes from consideration because they know we will not tolerate them and we command our government to apprehend and severely punish criminal acts and threats of violence.

I believe the Holy Bible and it teaches that God created the Heavens and the Earth,that the Word was with God and was God and became flesh and dwelled among us, and that Jesus Christ is the Word of God and suffered death to pay for the sins of those who repent and submit to His rule. And I believe the recorded tesimony of those who saw Jesus risen from death and who heard him say he will come again and will judge mankind at the end of time and will send evil doers to eternal punishment. The author of the hate mail shown here says he seeks God's blessing for America. If he does not repent from his hate and seek forgiveness I am sure he will burn in Hell for eternity.

Officer Michael Slager killed Walter Scott by shooting Scott in his back as Scott ran from his car after being stopped for an expired license. Slager admitted that Scott was unarmed. One juror refuses to allow conviction of Slager. Judge declares mistrial. Prosecutor will re-try.

Mistrial in Officer Slager Killing of Walter Scott.

It is hard to imagine that Officer Slager, who is seen on video shooting Walter Scott in the back as Scott was running away, was not convicted for the killing of Scott. But, in our justice system, a jury verdict of "guilty" must be unanimous, so, it seems that one juror was determined to let Slager walk. Well, I read that Slager will be tried again with a different jury. A police officer is forbidden to kill unless the officer's own life is in danger.

Video, Slager shoots Scott in the back.

NBC video analysis shows Slager shooting Scott in the back 8 times. The law forbids officers to kill unless their own life is in danger. Scott checks Slager's lifeless body then returns to spot from where shots fired, picks something up. Goes back to Scott and places what appears to be a taser near Scott's body.

Video, Scott runs away

A passerby recorded the killing with his cell phone. Scott is running several yards away when his back to the officer when the officer fires eight shots. Scott falls on the last shot. Any fair minded viewer would say this is murder.

Dylann Roof Guilty of Killing 9 Blacks 12/15/2015

Dylan Roof confessed and was convicted on 33 counts in the murder of 9 black people in the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, S.C.

Roof left Polly Shepard alive at the church, telling her he wanted her to tell everyone what happened. Roof told arresting officers he had wanted to start a race war. Church members told Roof at the trial that they love him and forgave him. One website reports that Roof's uncle wants to push the button at Roof's execution.

D.A. excuses unjust killing in Pacifica, CA

Errol Chang, who suffered schizophrenia, was killed 3/16/2014 in his home in Pacifica, CA, by police who arrived in SWAT gear with an armored car, even though Chang had held his arms out the window, offering to surrender. Errol was terribly frightened by grenades the police were firing and the guns they were carrying, and the armored car. Error was mentally ill. He was not responsible for his defensive reactions. He was not a criminal. There is no justification for the killing of Errol Chang.

Medical personnel who are properly equipped and know how to handle insane people should have been sent. They could have settled Errorl down and sedated him and taken him to where he would have proper care. Police had no business coming to Errol's home. Their ignorance of what kind of handling Errol needed cost Errol his life.

San Mateo County, CA, District Attorney Steven Wagstaffe wrote that Errol's behavior demanded the action of the police. Click here to see Wagstaffe's letter. Note especially his last sentence which is highlighted.

Errol's behavior demanded that he be killed? Hitler would have wanted to hire someone who thinks like District Attorney Wagstaffe. Any author of the kind of thought Wagstaffe expressed is unfit to be a public servant.