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Original post made by Michael G. Stogner, another community, on Apr 25, 2015

To Kill, The only reason to bring out a gun.

DDA Brian Donnellan told that (... only reason to bring out a gun ...)to the jury several times during the Jesse Wilson trial.

What's different with San Mateo County Sheriff Deputy Andy Mar a Bailiff allegedly aiming his gun with both hands at the head of a San Mateo County Employee a janitor name Jose inside a Courtroom at 400 County Center and witnessed by a Court Clerk and a Court Recorder.

Why is this not newsworthy in San Mateo County.

What was found at his residence and storage locker (if he has one) when the DA conducted the Search Warrant to make sure all weapons are removed from this gentleman until we can find out why he did what he did. This happened 6 days ago

Welcome to San Mateo County


The public is ill served by attempts to conceal information about misconduct by employees of the legal system.

This writer is informed that the bailiff taunted the janitor who had voiced complaints about law officers harrassing minorities, saying to the janitor as the he pointed the gun to his head "You mean like this?"

This attitude is an outrage. San Mateo voters should demand the removal of this bailiff from public employment.