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Harrassment and Reprisal - False Driver License Supension.

Cal AG Refuses to Investigate Obvious Hacking Court/DMV Computers

Cal AG asked to investigate falsification of gov't records.    The Traffic Ticket
The noted victims' advocate, Michael Stogner, reported obvious hacking of government computer systems to the California Attorney General and requested an investigation. The AG's letter below refuses to investigate, saying Mr. Stogner had not provided enough evidence.

Criminal fraud is obvious here. When a government computer record shows a traffic ticket with the driver license and address of Deputy Juan Pablo Lopez who lives and works in Redwood City but the actual paper traffic ticket shows an offender address in Los Angeles and a completely different driver license number, our Attorney General should understand this indicates willful falsification of government computer systems and act promptly to investigate.
   Please note the ticket shown below was obviously not written against Deputy Lopez. His driver license shows he lives in Redwood City and has a different driver license number. Deputy Lopez and his attorney went to the Los Angeles Court and obtained a copy of this ticket and met the officer who wrote the ticket and his supervisor who both signed the ticket. These officers said Deputy Lopez is not the man to whom the ticket was issued.

District Attorney Wagstaffe's inspector David Boise confiscated Deputy Juan Pablo Lopez' driver license even though Deputy Lopez showed he was on duty in Redwood City on the date the ticket was issued in Torrance, California and this ticket shows it was issued to a different Juan Pablo Lopez